Sang-il Han
Korea, °1984
PIANO 2013 : Candidate


Prof. Dae-jin, Kim(2000~2006, 2009~2012)

Prof. Wolfgang Manz(2006~2008)

Prof. Mi-kyung, Kim(1996~2000)


2002~2006 Korea National University of Arts
(Bachelor) Prof. Dae-jin, Kim
2006~2008 Hochschule fuer Music Nuernberg
(Meisterklasse) Prof. Wolfgang Manz
2009~2012 Korea National University of Arts
(Artist Diploma) Prof. Dae-jin, Kim
First round (11/05/2013)
Johann Sebastian Bach Prelude and Fugue n. 16 in G minor BWV 885
Ludwig van Beethoven Allegro con brio (Sonata n. 3 in C major op. 2/3)
Claude Debussy Etude pour les agréments
Sergey Prokofiev Suggestion diabolique op. 4/4
Sang-il Han, piano
Relive the performances of Violin 2024
H.M. Queen Mathilde
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