Korean Classics Generation on AUVIO

In the space of less than 20 years, the new generation of Korean musicians have managed to appropriate Western classical music. Yet far removed from their native culture, they made it one of the pillars of Korean education.

This music, sometimes considered oldfashioned in the West, is on the contrary modern and fashionable in South Korea. The best Korean musicians have a true rock star status, similar to the stars of K-pop. Each of their concerts in their country unleashes the bravos and cries of an audience of enthusiastic young people.

Their sudden passion for this music, their dedication to work, the sacrifices made by parents for their children and the competitive spirit that reigns in this country, are the keys to the success of this new generation of musicians who are winning important prizes in most of the major international competitions.

Even though young Korean musicians now dominate these competitions without having studied abroad, thanks to the education provided by the previous generation who returned home after a career in the West, it is essential for them to go and live in Europe, especially in Germany, to be part of the large international market for classical music and hope to make a great career as a soloist.

But the differences between both cultures, the solitary life in an unfamiliar country, the learning of a new language, the absence of their family and friends represent obstacles for a successful integration.

The film traces the journey of some of the laureates of this new generation, nicknamed the K-Classics Generation, including two recent winners of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, soprano Sumi Hwang (2014) and the violinist Ji Young Lim (2015). In Korea, where it all began, and in Germany, where most of them have settled.

The film has premiered in Brussels in September and was broadcast in October on La Trois.

You can watch it again until the end of 2020 on AUVIO (only in Belgium).

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