The very first cello competition
Video preselection cello 2017
The candidates have arrived !
Final 2017: Victor Julien-Laferrière - Shostakovich
Final 2017: Yuya Okamoto - Dvořák
Final 2017: Santiago Cañón-Valencia - Shostakovich
Final 2017: Aurélien Pascal - Shostakovich
Final 2017: Ivan Karizna - Shostakovich
Final 2017: Brannon Cho - Shostakovich
Final 2017: Sihao He - Schumann
Final 2017: Seungmin Kang - Dvořák
Final 2017: Maciej Kulakowski - Shostakovich
Final 2017: JeongHyoun (Christine) Lee - Schumann
Final 2017: Yan Levionnois - Dvořák
Final 2017: Bruno Philippe - Dvořák
The Cello 2017 Prize Ceremony
Relive the performances of Violin 2024
The Competition's CD's
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